Real estate securitiesEntryExitDateMore
APN AREIT Fund1.66071.652415 Aug 17History
APN Asian REIT Fund11.52451.515215 Aug 17History
APN Property for Income Fund2.26612.254715 Aug 17History
APN Property for Income Fund No. 21.14271.136915 Aug 17History
APN Unlisted Property Fund0.00000.000027 Mar 17History
Direct real estateNet asset valueDateMore
APN Coburg North Retail Fund0.892531 Dec 16History
APN Property Plus Portfolio2.068731 Dec 16History
APN Regional Property Fund (NSX code APR)1.134631 Dec 16History
Convenience Retail REIT No. 20.900014 Dec 16History
European real estateUnit priceDate
APN Euro Property Fund0.000030 Jun 14
APN Champion Retail Fund0.000030 Jun 14
  1. The Fund has declared a special distribution for the period ending 30 June 2015 (see distribution timetable) and as a result, unit prices previously calculated have been amended from 30 June 2015 Ex to 10 July 2015. Applications and redemptions during this period have been adjusted accordingly.